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Looney Bean, Mammoth Lakes

The Looney Bean in Mammoth Lakes and Bishop, have been a regular stops for The Cured Ham for over 10 years. The logo and the location may have changed, but the Black Diamond coffee hasn't (they're even in other states!)

I remember when The Bean was located across the street, next to the Chevron gas station, now home to a local competitor (better than a Starbuck's moving in). It was more of a local's place, a Sierra Nevada nomad hangout. The climbing nomad moves between JTree, Owens Valley, Mammoth, and Yosemite with the change of the seasons looking for good climbing weather and no crowds.

The Bean is always my first stop in town for a pound of Black Diamond whole bean coffee and a free cup of whatever the darker roast is. Come to think of it, the Sumatra is good too. After driving anywhere between 4 and 6 hours, I'm jonesing for some caffeine. 

Looney Bean Logo

Even though I buy the beans for brewing at the campground or the condo, I still end up here after a day on the trail, the crag, or the slopes. I can grab one of the many baked goods for a little sugar fix, sit at a table and plug in for some free wi-fi to check the weather report. Another perfect afternoon at The Bean. I've had breakfast here too. Medium extra-shot mocha and a berry scone usually do the trick for me. It helps fight off the haze of higher altitude my first morning after coming up from sea level.

So whether you like your coffee black, room-for-cream, or froo-froo, The Looney Bean has got your fix ready seven days a week at 8,000 feet.

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