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BOA Steakhouse, Santa Monica


Started with the seared ahi tartare. Was it over the top? No. Was it a good dish? Yes. The cuts of individual ahi were uniform and small, high marks for consistency and precision. I expected more pop or brightness from the dish. Considering how quickly it came out from the kitchen, literally 2 minutes, I’m guessing it was sitting at the pass, a botched order they gave to me. 


My steak with foie butter was solid. I’ve been cooking a lot of my own rib-eyes in the last month and I’m getting very good at it. I’m also cooking with wood rather than gas, which imparts flavor into the meat. I’d say that the BOA rib-eye is good, the beef is aged and it was seasoned properly. I’m just getting more flavor from various beef sources I’ve been experimenting with and I’m beginning to notice differences in the beef and the cooking method. BOA is good, no doubt.

My side of creamed spinach was generous and very tasty. Just a straight up classic and it was done exactly right. Bravo, because  it doesn’t have to be fancy to be good.

Solid experience at BOA. Bartenders hustled and were conversational at least as long as they could be. The bar scene there gets hoppin’ around 7pm. I wouldn’t hesitate to return and it is right across the street from the beach.

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