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Bocadillos, San Francisco

It seems each time I eat at Bocadillos, it’s busy. Good to see. We were a 3-top that night, dining on the communal table. I’ll get my complaint out early, the service was a little haphazard. I’d say one server short with an expeditor filling in the gaps. I suppose it’s the trained versus the untrained with regards to the service aspect. It didn’t upset our table, but it was noticeable that service just wasn’t very smooth or coordinated that evening.

We started with Gambas, head and tail on, like I’d expect from a Dim Sum restaurant. I ate all the heads at the table. The prawns were cooked properly, plump and juicy with a nice hit of salt to complete the dish, probably my favorite dish of the evening. Patatas Bravas, a staple at tapas bars, was well done. Thick chunks of potato with an even browning on all sides make for crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside potatoes. Again, well prepared. The sauce that came with the potatoes was a little flat, simply lacking in salt. Next up, flank steak with a hint of chimichurri was also a hit. The steak was medium-rare, salted and tender. The chimichurri wasn’t too spicy and did lend some acid to the dish.

We finished on a salad of arugula and peaches along with the cheese plate. The salad was a good finisher, a little more heavily dressed than I would have liked, but nonetheless, a nice contrast to the other fried and protein packed foods we ordered. The cheese plate was good, with the bleu styled Spanish variety being the hit.

Other than the service element, I’ll happily be coming back to Bocadillos for tapas, like I have since it opened.

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