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Huckleberry's, Fresno

I’ve thought of a few great reasons to come to Huckleberry’s in Fresno for breakfast:

1. If you need to gain weight quickly for a chance to play the roll of The King Pin in the next Spiderman movie or Penguin in the next Batman movie.

2. If you only have $7 to eat that day and don't want to eat again for 24 hours.

3. If you have the mutant ability to regurgitate food like a raptor and have young mutants at home eagerly awaiting their vomitus meal.

4. If you like Man vs. Food and want to pretend you’re “that guy” while you fill your pie hole full of outrageously large portions of industrially prepared food.

5. Training for the Ever-So-American Hot Dog eating contest? I’ve found the gym, I've found the trough for you.

Here’s the pile of food I was given in the attached picture. No, the biscuits and gravy did not taste good. The potatoes were actually ok and I did eat those. I had a couple bites of biscuit for polite reasons. The fruit pictured on the right tasted like they were cut on the same board as the onions and garlic. Horrible.

The service staff did hustle like crazy and were very polite.

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