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The Coterie Room, Seattle, WA

I was staying in a different part of town on my recent trip to Seattle, Belltown specifically, so it was exciting to explore what the neighborhood had to offer. The Coterie Room, the latest restaurant from the chef team of McCracken and Tough, was only open for about 30 days when I went in and it has some high points. 

Pork cracklins a.k.a. chicharones, with black truffle cream were FABULOUS. These were surprisingly light, if that’s actually possible for fried pork fat. Normally, I’d be advocating purism, arguing that perfectly fried pork fat needs no accompaniment. I’ll make an exception in this case. The black truffle cream was additive and complimentary to the craklins.


After my bowl of fried fat, I was feeling a little guilty and figured I should indulge on some bitter greens and have an endive salad. As expected, the endive had a pleasant bitterness and combined well with the citrus vinegarette and the shaving of cheese. Guilty feelings have passed now; on to the entrée of duck cooked in it's own fat.


Duck confit is a menu item that is hard for me to ignore. I like to make the classic at home and naturally, I like to compare my technique to that of professional chefs. The duck confit at Coterie Room was as good as I could make it at home (which means it was very good). An even and crispy skin with moist duck thigh inside, makes for a comforting meal. 

No real downsides here. The bartender was a pro, easily explaining dishes I had general questions about, without saying “everything is good here”. The restaurant has only been open for about a month, but the food coming out of the kitchen seems to be of high quality. Their sister restaurant Spur is immediately next door.

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