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Gomez's, Mammoth Lakes

I generally avoid the chaos in the Village, but I haven’t been to the new Gomez’s mega location in The Village at Mammoth Lakes. I sat at the bar and ordered my standard, one carnitas taco and one al pastor taco along with a Negro Modelo. Certainly not the best two tacos I have recently, certainly not the worst. The carnitas were not refried and not crispy. My guess, the carnitas were slow braised, picked apart, cubed and summarily put in a chafing dish at around 3pm to slowly warm until they were put in my taco. The pastor was probably cooked the same way with the addition of spices and sauce and also left in the warm steaming tray until service. The tacos, surprisingly did come with sides of pico de gallo, guacamole, and salsa.


What is the real highlight of Gomez’s? The atmosphere with friends and the selection of tequila. Gomez’s serves over 200 different tequilas. I finished my evening with a sipper of Casa Noble Anejo. Tastes of tobacco, caramel, and vanilla made average tacos digest just a little smoother. And I thank you Mr. Bartender for help with the tequila.


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