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Kenny and Zuke's Deli, Portland

A truly beautiful Reuben Sandwich with pastrami.

I think this sandwich is a real challenger to my long running favorite Reuben on the West Coast, Veritable Quandary, also in Portland. Kenny and Zuke’s is a different style and it’s the meat that makes all the difference. 

The meat is sliced, almost like little pieces of pastrami bacon, with a defined fat ribbon. Each piece of pastrami looks like it has a purpose in the sandwich, rather than the more typical ‘hunk o’thin sliced pastrami’ found at lesser establishments.


The bread is golden brown and delicious. The kraut is just enough, but not too much. And the table mustard is there just in case you want shot in between bites of Russian dressing. I don't mean to slight the red potato salad and the pickle, both were very good, but the sanwich was the main attraction.

This is a grown-up, purposeful, well-constructed Reuben that Portland should be proud of.

Kenny and Zuke's Delicatessen on Urbanspoon

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