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Boon Eat + Drink, Guerneville

When a restaurant decides to make their own ketchup and aioli, use Gleason Ranch beef from 5th generation rancher Nancy Prebilich, hand cut local potatoes, and serve only local beer we’re not talking just any burger, fries, and a beer, we’re talking real attention to detail, local ingredients, and scratch cooking.


Additionally, cauliflower flash fried with pine nuts, golden raisins, and arugula with fresh lemon was delicious, well salted, and a perfect appetizer. The lovely tomato soup with freshly toasted baguette; another winner.  


However, service was awfully confused during my second visit. A busy lunch service with a 30 minute wait on my appetizer and then a cold mac and cheese for re-fire 10 minutes later. To their credit, they wrote off my beer and my mac and cheese. The chef and both staff members working the floor apologized to me personally for the foul ups. 

So I’m torn. The food, without the rush at lunch was quite good, but the service function combined with kitchen coordination was below average. It may be an issue of not accepting reservations and allowing any walk-up to simply check in with the server to see if there is an open table. There needs to be better communication with front and back of house as to the volume of patrons being seated and the expectations of being served in a timely manner.

Everyone wants a full restaurant, just not all at once. I have to wonder with the summer season coming up, if they get their game face on and execute better. I'll let you know.

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