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Taqueria Don Pepe, Fresno

On the recommendation of several people I know, I’ve been told that if I want great tacos, I should head to Don Pepe on Blackstone. I arrived around 1pm to a completely full restaurant, complete with a queue at the counter.

As always, my standard al pastor and carnitas tacos were ordered for my first evaluation. Considering how busy the restaurant was, I was surprised when my tacos came out about 3 minutes after I ordered them. So far, things are good.

Each taco was wrapped individually. I was shocked to find pinto beans on my tacos, albeit the beans were tasty. I don’t like beans on my taco, call it personal preference and any easy fix, I removed the beans. Each taco was without any condiments, simply the cooked meat void of any onion, cilantro, and salsa. There is a condiment station provided, complete with all the items needed for a taco. In addition, an underwhelming out-of-the-can green salsa, a good Rancheria style salsa, and a healthy tub of limes are available. I chose the Rancheria style salsa for my tacos.


The pastor meat was wonderfully seasoned and even a little crispy in some areas combining to make a tasty pastor taco once the beans were removed and cilantro, onions, and Rancheria were applied. The carnitas were just too salty for me. Generally, I can handle a little extra salt, but this was over the top, so the taco missed the mark.

I’m pleased I visited Don Pepe. Since I’ve told a few people that I just ate here, I’ve already been given recommendations to return and try a couple of fish dishes. I’ll let you know what I eat.

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Reader Comments (1)

Don Pepe also has a tasty torta - and I like the Blackstone location more than the one by Fresno State.

Next time you're looking for tacos, try the *other* Don Pepe's, of no relation. Good stuff.

June 16, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterjames

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