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Big Bruh's Soul Food, Fresno

With all the talk in the Fresno food community about Big Bruh’s, I felt like I was missing something. Most of the commentary I’d seen was about the main dishes as Bruh’s, fried chicken, fried fish, and several sides. Not a single dessert review. So I decided to have some dessert; Sweet potato pie and peach cobbler. Both were legit.

The cobbler was served warm and seasoned generously with cinnamon and sugar. The dough that made up the cobbler was also sweet and, well, doughy, which I happen to like.


A real sense of spice was at the core of the sweet potato pie that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. My first thought was naturally nutmeg or all-spice, but then it turned to a whisper of black pepper because of  a ‘heat’ that lingered briefly in my mouth. I didn’t ask specifically about the ingredients, but will inquire on my next visit. The crust was a standard pie crust, not too firm, not too crumbly. Considering the generous portion size of their lunch plates, I actually would have expected a larger slice of pie, but who has room for pie after all that chicken?

I liked both desserts as did my friends. You have to go early to get the sweet potato pie as they seem to sell often frequently.

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