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Wexler's, San Francisco

This place has been here two years and after a couple visits from my brother, I’ve finally stopped by. Started at one of the worst times ever, the heart of our economic recession, Wexler’s carved itself out as a comfort food and specialty sandwich joint. At $14 for a sandwich, I don’t see how this is a bargain, considering I can get a sandwich at Lee’s Deli for $5. I suppose that’s not the point, but whatever chord Wexler’s hit with the fickle and trendy Financial District lunch crowd, it was missed on my brother and I.


While the macaroni salad was tasty and very American, the Banh Mi was utterly uninspired. The best thing about the sandwich was the bread. I’m no Banh Mi expert, but I do like a good sandwich, whatever the origin. I’ve eaten more Reuben’s than I can remember, and I was quite the connoisseur of French Dip when I was 8 years old. Wexler’s Banh Mi has what tasted like day-old BBQ brisket tucked inside. You know the flavor of re-heated meat and dry BBQ, it’s just not fresh tasting. The garnishes were so far in the background, I know cilantro was inside, but the other stuff, I had to consult the menu again. Simply stated, trendy Vietnamese sandwich or not, it wasn’t that good.

I’d return for the macaroni salad though. I’ve haven’t had one that moist and flavorful in years.

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