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Trujillo's Meat Market and Taqueria, Madera

I believe in randomness and a stumble upon lifestyle when it comes to food. I'm not saying I live my culinary exploration by randomness, far from it, I usual scope out restaurants to try and make a point to schedule a dining experience.

But when it comes to tacos, sandwiches, ice cream, and Chinese food in Chinatown, I'm willing to simply "pop-in" and see what's cooking.

I recently popped-in to Trujillo's in Madera at 16736 Road 26. It's not far off Highway 99 and easy to find. It's a full-service grocery store and meat market. The amount of chicharones that are sitting on top of the deli cases is the most I'd seen since I was in Tlachichuca, Mexico, which to me is a positive sign that some fried goodness is going on here.

Based upon what I saw in the case, I went with two pastor tacos, rather than my usual carnitas and Pastor (I was also in a pastor mood, not because the carnitas looked bad). These tacos were tasty, albeit, not as refined as I might like to acheive that delicate balance I always speak of among the various elements, meat, lettuce/cabbage, tortilla, salsa, and lime/lemon. As you can see, the iceberg lettuce is a bit rough and large chopped. The meat itself is very tasty, but the corn tortillas are a bit thick. That pickled jalapeno is fantastic. Yes, I'm real critical. And it's also true that I wolfed down these two tacos in under a minute (it was near 2pm and I was starving), so how unbalanced can they be?

These were good and I'm glad I randomly stopped by to try them. I'm just wondering if I should have purchased some chicharones for the road?

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