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Brix Tavern, PDX

Went in for lunch for a quicky Prime Rib sandwich with “French onion soup au jus” and “house made Swiss cheese sauce” horseradish cream and just O.K. french fries.

The Good: House made Swiss Cheese Sauce and the thinly sliced Prime Rib. They took the Velveta concept of runny cheese sauce and made it a quality product that I would put on my sandwich again and again. The Prime Rib itself was moist, medium to medium rare and sliced thinly with a decent ratio of fat, but not too much. Good elements.

The Bad: The Hoagie Roll.  This soggy hoagie was a disappointment. I would have preferred a sourdough roll or something more substantial. Wet hoagie is unappealing to me, cheap in a way. Portland has good bread, go buy some.

The Ugly: French Onion Soup Au Jus. Not quite soup, not quite a dipping sauce. I didn’t know if I should just drink the sauce with a spoon or dunk the wet bread in there. The hoagie certainly didn’t need moisture.

Brix Tavern is new, so I trust these are just kinks. The sandwich shows promise, but needs work.

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