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Gladstone's, Pacific Palisades

Los Angeles. Not necessarily my favorite place on Earth. I lived in Pasadena for a year and commuted into LA for a year. Knowing what I know now, I'd probably live on the beach.

If I could live on the real estate Gladstone's is bolted to, all of my 12 ficticious children could go to Harvard or Stanford and have money left over for their children to attend as well. The view at Gladstone's is outstanding. Outside of a few places I've eaten in Hawaii, Gladstone's has to take the cake for the best view I've had in SoCal (sorry, no pictures, it was a business lunch).

For such a grand view, I had a humble sandwich, fried cod with tartar sauce on challah with house made potato chips and cold slaw. Fantastic sandwich and all the sides were first rate. The chips were crispy and seasoned with salt. The cod fish was golden brown on the outside, moist on the inside. Even the bun was good. I have to say, I broke concentration during the meeting, simply to enjoy the sandwich and sides. Delicious.

I always find it fascinating that when I eat a really good, simple meal, the lack of a long narrative description (hence my LA story telling). I suppose if you’ve ever had really good panko breaded cod, you know it. I don’t see a downside to a single item of this meal, other than you’ve got to pay for the view.

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