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The Meat Market, Fresno

The Meat Market should be ashamed of itself for serving Heinz BBQ sauce in a tear open packet. In order to be called “the best tri-tip” in Fresno, I don’t want to eat a commercial BBQ sauce. And if I am eating commercial sauce, I don’t want to know about it.

Absolutely Shameful.

The bread was of average quality and served naked, no sauce, no butter, no grilling. The meat was dry and basically un-seasoned, save for the flavor of the wood in the BBQ.


Fresno has a tradition of sticking with restaurants that have a tendency to be mediocre, simply because the restaurant has been around the longest, not because they’re the best. The Meat Market is the default Fresno choice for tri-tip because it was here before the others. Fresno deserves better.

I see no reason to ever return to the Meat Market for a tri-tip sandwich. Go to Mike's Grill on Herndon and Chestnut or Dog House Grill for a tri-tip sandwich.

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