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B&L Quality Meats, Fresno

B&L Quality Meats serves their tri-tip on a hoagie style roll of below average quality with no real density. The bread roll was real wet, soggy at the seam. The thinly sliced meat, a.k.a tri-tip, could have been served at any catered wedding or as a day old left-over at my house (the pink in the pic below is BBQ smoke on the meat).

The only advantage this sandwich has IS the thinly sliced meat and lots of it. The meat tastes as though it were pre-sliced, left in the warming tray with broth prior to placing on sandwiches, hence the wet bread. There is some flavor from the grill, but not much. Their barbecue sauce was good (which is why it's all over the sandwich) and served on the side. If I’m on this side of town, I might think about getting a sandwich as long as I can get two or three BBQ sauces to go with it, but I'd probably check in at a Pho place instead. One thing I do know, B&L's sandwich is better than the Meat Market.

Another note, I cannot speak to the quality or selection of the actual butcher shop itself. I'm strictly speaking about their take-out tri-tip sandwich. The market itself could be quite good. I just want to be fair in seperating the tri tip sandwich review from the actual meat market.

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