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Eddie V's, La Jolla

Eddie V’s is a concept restaurant group from Darden; who also run The Olive Garden (NOOOOO!) and Capital Grille. It’s a steak house, so I don’t need a menu. Red Wine, Wedge Salad with Blue Cheese, Rib-Eye, and if available Creamed Spinach.

Wedge Salad. The wedge was basically the entire iceberg head with the core removed. No joke. The entire head of iceberg was on the plate, cold to the core, with the bottom and top barely capped off to allow for toppings and a flat base to rest on the plate cleanly rather than rolling around. It was almost comical how large this salad was. I’m all for “going big” at steakhouses, but this was laughable. There’s a corporate bean counter somewhere at Darden’s that can’t be authorizing this.

Rib-Eye. The steak was a bit over crisp on the edges without an even char to the meat. While the steak was done medium rare as requested, the staff asked if we could cut the middle of the steak to check for desired temperature. Personally, I didn’t cut it. Based upon the heat coming from the steak and the plate, the steak wasn’t fully rested. It actually bothers me a bit that they asked me to cut my steak. I don’t want to do the work to check to see if it’s done, that’s what I’m paying the chef for. Considering the steak was $46, I just want to enjoy my piece of beef and not do any work in terms of preparation.

It's my job to eat the steak, it's their job to cook it to my liking without having me cut into it without it rested. Period. 

As for the wine, I brought my own. We sat at the bar during our entire meal. The junior bartender actually asked me how to decant the wine, as she’d never done it before. A little surprising, considering some of the trophy wines on the list.

I had a good experience at Eddie V’s, but it wasn’t my best steakhouse experience. I think atmosphere, sitting in the upstairs breezeway / bar had a lot to do with it. The weather was wonderful as is the view. If I have to compare Eddie V’s to Capital Grille, I’d give the edge to Capital. I’ve had both individual meals and banquets at Capital Grille and I’ve been impressed with the quality. Eddie V’s needs more time to age.

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yea its nice for a steakhouse.

June 28, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersteakhouse

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