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Jack and Tony's, Santa Rosa

My experience at Jack and Tony's in Santa Rosa was brief, efficient, and in the middle of a 8-hour driving marathon and 12-hour day between Fresno - Healdsburg - Fresno. Not something I care to repeat.

I had a choice at lunch. Potentially a choice between life and death, also massive indigestion due to a seated position for 4 hours, the predictable postprandial haze while driving various freeways making a sincere effort not to doze off and kill myself because I ate a big fat greasy burger and fries...or the buttermilk fried chicken over buttermilk dressed greens.

I choose life and less indigestion, "I'll have the chicken salad." Straightforward as it gets. Flat and evenly pounded chicken breast strips, uniformly fried to a golden brown outside and moist inside. The mixed greens were tossed through the dressing and well seasoned. Couldn't complain about the chicken salad.

I still want to try the burger and a glass of scotch (they have a huge scotch selection).

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