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Fiori's Butcher Shoppe, Lodi

With a line 12 deep to the door, a full restaurant and patio, who knows how many take-out orders, four cashiers, and a crew of sandwich assembly line workers, this Fiori’s  Butcher Shoppe means business.

Lodi is wine country, a Central Valley town not too far away from Stockton. As I’ve been hitting Highway 99 more often, I’ve been taking small detours and venturing into towns I haven’t otherwise explored. Old School Italian Deli’s tend to be a favorite of mine. Sam’s and Piemonte’s in Fresno, and Luigi’s in Bakersfield all have wonderful stories and quality deli sandwiches; so why not take a shot at Fiori’s.

I ordered up the Grape Stomp sandwich, house made pastrami with lettuce, tomato, cheese and a hit of mayo on a bread of my choosing; naturally rye. This is not a reuben, it’s basically a pastrami sandwich. From order to take-away, say 6 minutes, pretty fast considering the line is always 12 people deep.


As there was nowhere to sit, I took the sandwich to my car. Good looking sandwich, good portion of meat. However, one of my bites is salty. I’m guessing an uneven throw of salt and pepper on the lettuce as no other bite had nearly the amount of punch bite number two did. I’ll tack it up to a random throw of salt. Otherwise, the sandwich was tasty. The mayo was additive on the sandwich. The bread was super soft but not super ‘rye-like’. 


While I have a bias for reuben sandwiches and pastrami, I might consider ordering a classic American Italian cold-cut sandwich on a roll next time. Considering my love of nostalgia and Italian delis, ordering a three-meat combo on a roll with Italian dressing might be a wise choice for my next visit.

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