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Health Inspections, Fresno County and the 5 Second Rule

The story in the Fresno Bee , March 26, "How clean are Fresno County restaurants, and why are inspection reports tough to find?" seemed to capture the attention of several food bloggers in Fresno. I noticed several tweets linking to the article and to the County's website for information on the restaurant reports.

I browsed the report, noticed restaurants that I've eaten at and scrolled through the County database of restaurant inspections. I concluded that while the reports were interesting, I could care less. Why?

A few Cured Ham Facts: 

  • Cousin Jeff's recent deer or wild boar kill from early that morning somewhere in the D7 CA Zone won't pass inspection and you cannot sell a hunting kill at a Restaurant. I've been eating Cousin Jeff's deer meat for years and I'm alive.
  • Aunt's Celia's canned tomatoes. Aunt C doesn't have a commercial kitchen, but she's been doing canning since she was 7 years old and she's 88 now. Can't Serve home crafted product in a Restaurant because it's not made commercially under supervision. I'm alive and so is my 88 year old Aunt.
  • September 1 every year is Dove Season opening day. I might shoot a dove at 3pm, clean it at 6pm and eat it at 8pm. Can't serve that at a restaurant.
  • My own cultivated vinegar that is NOT Pasteurized. No Chance anything unpasteurized makes it into a restaurant. I love it on my salads.
  • Roadside taco stands in Fresno County... No health inspection. Guess what? Local bloggers check into these below the radar spots all the time, The Cured Ham included. In fact, a story was written about it by James Collier, joined by Fresno's aficionado of tacos Mike Oz. I loved this story AND THEY'RE STILL ALIVE!
  • Bus station in Peru, street vendor in Morocco, guinea pig in Ecuador, campground in Russia, tacos in Mexico. Just as long as we don't drink the water, we don't care about the health inspector because we're on vacation, right?
  • Oh, I confess that I've eaten leftovers from a BBQ Party at Millerton Lake in the middle of summertime even after the ice in the ice chest melted 8 hours ago.

I'm pleased that the County of Fresno is doing their job and they absolutely should crack down on restaurants that are in violation of the health code. Not my point.

Most homes wouldn't pass a health inspection because we don't have a Triple Wash Station sink, our refrigerators don't have a precise temperature control, and our cutting board might be made of the finest walnut that we just purchased at Sur la Table and would therefore not pass inspection because it's made of a porous material that I can't wash with bleach for 8 minutes at 220 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Let's not get too worked up about this Fresno, chances are we've eaten at several of the places that had a violation and lived to tell the tale. Just remember to wash your hands after you've used the toilet you filthy pig.


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