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Wild Flour Bread, Freestone

Bread. Staff of Life. Simple but difficult to do really, really well. 

And here's a picture of the goat cheese and herb loaf.

When I bought the bread, it was fresh, right out of the oven.

While I wasn’t going to eat either bread until later in the evening, driving out to Freestone first thing in the morning on a Thursday had to be done. Wild Flour Bread is only open a few days a week and they do not sell their bread outside of the bread shop. 

But of course, I tore off a piece of each loaf when I got to the car. The olive bread had to be one of the best I’ve had. It is as good as The Phoenix Pastificio olive bread I’ve had about three times now. But Wild Flour is different, the smell is different, the texture is different than The Phoenix. There's density and heft to Wild Flour; lightness to The Phoenix. If great breadmaking has a thing similar to terroir, then these two breadmakers capture its essence. 

The smell of The Phoenix is what sets me off, it's a primal smell. The Mouth Feel and Texture of Wild Flour is what connected me to a feeling of "this bread...good".

There is no favorite, no "best bread". Each are different, fantastic, unique. I'm happy to make the drive out to Freestone to pick up this bread, but I have to remember they're not open every day.

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