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Sitka and Spruce, Seattle

A bit of an uphill walk from the hotel, Sitka and Spruce is on Capital Hill in Seattle. Sitka and Spruce is tucked into a large, renovated warehouse space containing a butcher shop and full blown wine and liquor store as well as other boutiques. Sitka and Spruce defines the open kitchen concept, almost as though you walked into someone’s home.

There are a range of choices from simple, bread, butter and jam to Ful Medames, a dish I haven’t had since I returned from Egypt. Everything is farm fresh or baked that day. As I spied plates coming from the kitchen, nothing looked boring, everything had color and vibrancy.


Of course I was going to order the ful, it looked too good to pass up, plus the nostalgia factor of a fond memory in North Africa. The Ful Medames was delicious, with deep flavor and a wonderful soft boiled egg. For some, cold, heavily spiced lentils with fresh herbs isn’t breakfast, but to me, absolutely fabulous. I actually got a half order of ful and a full order of bread and butter, because I knew I was going to have all sorts of things to sop up on the plate. 

Perhaps a more traditional second course of an open face corned beef sandwich over a delicious slice of crusty bread with an egg on top, would appeal to more people. I don’t think I could lose at this place. The corned beef had a nice balance of spice, tenderness, and texture that made me dream of true sandwich for lunch, topped with mustard and sauerkraut.

I liked my experience at Sitka and Spruce. Vibrant dishes, an open atmosphere, hearty food, I’d make the walk up Capitol Hill any day.

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