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Hitchcock Deli, Bainbridge Island

Once again, the Pacific Northwest DOMINATES the Reuben / Pastrami sandwich scene here on the Left Coast. Veritible Quandary and Kenny and Zuke's are big favorites of mine in Portland.

I did the random walk onto Bainbridge Island with a stop earlier in the day at the only distillery on the island, Bainbridge Distillery. It was later in the day and it was snack time. There are choices on Bainbridge, but the one that stuck out to me was posted in large letters on the window, Charcuterie. As luck would have it, this deli is attached to Hitchcock, a restaurant on the foodie scene in the Seattle area. I was unaware that Hitchcock was a big deal, but evidently it has turned some heads, as many restaurants have, with its dedication to high quality proteins and seasonal produce.

As is my standard, the house smoked pastrami sandwich with melted cheese and seasoned red cabbage had to be my choice. There were two options for pastrami, regular and “Piled High”. I opted for the regular portion and it was more than satisfactory. The pastrami was delicious, the richness and hint of smoke went a step beyond other pastrami sandwiches. While the pastrami was not traditional, in that it was lightly smoked, it added a depth of flavor that I couldn’t get enough of. Lightly pickled red cabbage added more pop, more crunch than normal sauerkraut, but again, not traditional. Basically it's Hitchcock's take on a modified Reuben, sort of.

This is where I don’t mind an updated interpretation of a classic Reuben, when generally, I like a classic take. Care is taken with each ingredient at Hitchcock Deli. There is a purpose to the combination, the final result achieves the balance of the original Reuben and is complementary to the original Reuben, but Hitchcock's version is unique. 

Maybe next time, I’ll get a chance to eat at the main restaurant or at least, take home a half-pound of that pastrami.

The picture of the perfectly pulled espresso is also from the deli, not just some random shot. Hitchcock has a hand-crafted Bosco espresso machine, both beautiful to look at and it makes wonderful espresso when pulled by someone who knows the subtlies and personality of the machine. Yes, Bosco machines have personality, just like a Ferrari does.

Hitchcock Delicatessen & Charcuterie on Urbanspoon

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