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Local 360, Seattle

There was lots of eating and drinking on a weekend visit to Seattle. As the sun showered into the hotel room at 8:00am on Sunday morning, we called it quits at Rob Roy just 6 hours ago to a tasting of Japanese Scotch. We didn’t do a late night feeding after drinks, but we did walk by Local 360 on the way back to the hotel and I spied an early brunch of 8:00am. Not only is Local 360 open early, they have a favorite of mine on the menu…chicken fried steak. 

Normally, I’d reserve chicken fried steak for camping trips on the East Side of California, namely Highway 395, with my brother. Chicken fried steak isn’t light. It’s appropriate to eat chicken fried steak after hiking 10 miles and, in this case, drinking Japanese Scotch till 2am.

Local 360’s version of chicken fried steak is fairly classic, except for the sherry cream sauce with mushrooms. My two over easy eggs are cooked as requested. My cheesy, buttery grits are also plate licking good. The fry job on my steak is great, good seasoning and fairly tender beef. I’m happy and I’m stuffed. 

In terms of great breakfast meals, chicken fried steak is right up there with chilaquiles, perfect French pastry, blueberry pancakes, and ful. And I’d be happy to eat this meal again. Nothing like planning a breakfast at 2am on the way back to the hotel.

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