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Spur, Seattle

After a solid opening month experience at The Coterie Room several months ago, I have less than exemplary thoughts about McCracken and Tough’s restaurant next door, Spur.

While the meal was ok, I’m a little more critical of service elements. Sorry, no pictures, it was too dark, so instead I've added some pics of Pike's Place Market.

I don’t like attitude and I don’t care for aloof servers and staff based upon the fact that the restaurant seems to be busy all the time. I’m glad for the success of Spur and that it is a busy establishment.

When I’m instructed by the hostess to “go across the street to the bar and come back in 45 minutes” and I obey the instructions of the hostess and return promptly in 45 minutes to the reception, “oh, I thought you weren’t coming back…something will free up soon” attitude; I should have gone somewhere else. Too bad it’s 9:30 already and my options are limited.

Which leads me to ordering at the table. The sign on the door and website say open “5pm to Close”. Which, when we finally were finally seated was roughly 9:45; we asked how long the kitchen would be open. “As late as people are here, generally”.

 My response, “So no rush?”

“No rush”, says the server.


Sounded good in theory, but practice was, he wanted us to order everything before 10pm, which is why he and the hostess came by the table 5 times in 10 minute period to ask if we were ready and if we’d like to get an order in. Perhaps they were simply being attentive, but my gut says it was motivated by a desire to close out asap.

Merguez with chickpeas and hummus (chickpeas were way too salty which I had sent back) but the merguez was good. The burger and fries were average. The fries weren’t fresh, they were cold when they arrived. The burger itself was good, and cooked medium rare as requested with the red onion jam similar to the sweet/sour flavor from Father’s Office in Santa Monica. The fries being stone cold were another indication that the kitchen really isn’t open “till Close”. I’d rather the restaurant simply state the kitchen closes at 10pm or 9:30 or has a limited menu at a certain time.

I hate that my last impression of Spur is cold French fries, when my first impression of Coterie was perfect chicharon. I guess I'm batting .500 with McCracken and Tough.

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