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Hop Yard Alehouse, Pleasanton

Another commute to the Bay Area and another stop along the freeway. This time in Pleasanton off the East 580 at Hop Yard Alehouse.

No expectations here other than I figured a brewery pub would have decent fish and chips, sandwiches and burgers. I ordered the Sierra Madre burger. The burger was good, just not outstanding, nor was it cooked to order medium-rare, so I was a little disappointed but not upset. The patty was cooked to medium-plus, but was complemented by a good smoked cheddar cheese, bacon, avocado, and decent bread.  All in all, a good experience, just not the best I’ve had for sure.


However, the house made potato chips were worth the price of admission. With each crunch of potato chip, each medium-plus bite of burger faded away. These in-house potato chips were outstanding. The house made potato chips were in a class all by themselves. Simply salted, thick cut potato chips were some of the best I’ve ever had. I’m a bit tired out on French fries unless they’re really well made. I’d almost rather have a salad. I continue to try in-house potato chips, figuring that if they’re going through the trouble of making them, they should be good; which is not always the case. The Hop Yard certainly makes some of the best in-house potato chips I’ve had.

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