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Sidebar, Lake Merritt, Oakland

This has to be one of the best Reuben’s I’ve had outside of Portland or Seattle. I had no expectations walking in, I’d simply heard about the place at the bar while dining at Boot and Shoe service the night before.

The entire eating area is situated around the bar. The bar itself has plenty of seats for dining, but my guess is, it’s packed at dinner time and a bomb could drop outside and no one would hear it. Enough on atmosphere.

The Reuben. I love the Reuben. I eat it practically everywhere I go. Of the West Coast Reuben’s I’ve had, Veritable Quandary and Kenny and Zuke’s in Portland are top notch. Hitchcock on Bainbridge Island and Public House in Temecula round out the top Reuben’s I’ve eaten. I may have just found a 5th.

The bread was wonderfully toasted, flavorful, and didn’t disintegrate or mush under repeated bites or pick-ups. The meat, piled high, but not too high and thinly sliced. Cheese was applied to both sides of the bread and probably helped structural integrity. The kraut was used as a condiment, not as a way to make the sandwich to large or to appear over-stuffed. And finally dressing. Dressing was applied as it should be, a compliment to the dish, not as a wet mess to break down bread.

All the items on this Reuben were in balance. Wonderful. This was a classic representation of the sandwich at its highest level.  Bless Sidebar and its chefs.

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I love me some reuben,too. If you fancy making your own, New Seasons carries corned beef from the Carnegie Deli in NYC. Excellent!

June 19, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterburgerdogboy

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