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Tacos Tijuana, Fresno

Were the chilaquiles good?

Yes, they just weren’t great.

If anything, the beans and rice were at least as good as the main course, something I rarely eat or would admit to. Normally, beans and rice are on Fresno Mexican restaurants as filler, nothing more. If the restaurant offers a plate of “anything” with beans and rice for $7.89, there is probably a lot of beans and rice; just not very good beans and rice. However, in Tacos Tijuana’s case, I actually liked the beans and rice a bit more due to low expectations, than the main dish of chilaquiles.  I’m getting more spoiled with chilaquiles frankly. I’m starting to experiment with in-house recipes and will order chilaquiles on brunch menus when I have the option.

I probably should have stuck with the Tacos TJ staple, tacos. 

Taco's Tijuana Y Mariscos on Urbanspoon

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