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Jimtown Store, Healdsburg

A hearty breakfast in the heart of Alexander Valley. Part panini, part frittata, perfect for breakfast or lunch, the Egg Sandwich could be one of the better non-runny egg sandwiches I’ve tasted. I like runny eggs on things. I know adding an over-easy egg to just about everything these days is ultra-hip, but I’ve liked runny eggs since I was 5 I think, so this trend isn’t new.

However, the eggs at Jimtown are prepared more like a frittata. These squared-off fried eggs are cut out of a sheet pan for ease of use and reheating. Multiple layers of ham and some type of white cheese (I didn’t ask) made up the bulk of the sandwich. A herbed foccacia, with a heavy hand of rosemary, is used for bread.

However, what makes this breakfast sandwich a cut above the others I’ve had, is the use of the in-house tapenade. Their home-made olive spread gives this sandwich some punch. Notice the thin layer of spread on each side of the toasted bread. This carries the flavor of the sandwich, rather than the cheese or the egg. Drier, frittata style eggs, don't carry flavor the same way runny-yolk does, so the addition of fat from the olive spread, really helps deliver this sandwich.

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