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El Grullense, Los Banos

I don't often make the run through Los Banos in time for a lunch or dinner, but I had time recently to hit up a taco restaurant on Pacheco Blvd aka Highway 152, El Grullense. This is a brick and mortar restaurant, not a truck.

I ordered the trifecta of tacos, carnitas, al pastor, and cabeza. Without hesitation, I'd say I'm underwhelmed on all three.

The corn tortillas were simple, grocery store style tortillas, nothing special. As for the meats, the carnitas tasted a day-old, although I cannot confirm that. The pork didn't taste fresh. I eat a lot of tacos and a lot of pork. The carnitas tasted like they were reheated.

The cabeza, what little of it there was, was not tender and still had a bit of sinue. Not good.

The pastor, while it had bacon in it, also didn't taste freshly made. It was the best of the three, but that doesn't say much.

El Grullense was disappointing, considering recent taco experiences in Turlock, Modesto, and Madera.

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