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Valle D’brume, Temecula

Only my second trip to Temecula and I found Valle D’brume, a higher-end bakery. The croissant was outstanding, simply outstanding. The apple Danish was also wonderful with just a hint of pastry cream attaching the apples to the pastry.

I can go on and on about how the croissant was brilliant in every way, but if you’ve never had a freshly baked croissant from a bakery in France or properly cooked in the Bay Area, you’ll miss the whole point of the review. I don’t have to review it. For those that haven’t had a perfect croissant, I’m sorry.


Fresnans may soon have the opportunity to eat properly prepared and freshly baked croissant’s at Café Corazon soon. If even half the effort of making a making a fresh cup of coffee goes into baking these little French doughballs, the results should be better than anything in Fresno, any more effort should bring the pastry to Big City standards.


The other thing I’m sad about, somehow my Jedi senses tell me, Valle  D’brume won’t make it in this shopping center. For my Fresno and Bay Area readers, think about RiverPark or a multi-plex mall in Dublin, and putting a craft bakery in there next to the Panera and other chains. The independent won’t make it. Each of the perfect little dough balls is only $2. Panera charges that for tops of day old muffins for Christ’s sake.


Driving through both Palmdale and Temecula are perfect examples of mega-mall and franchise hell. I hope for the best at Valle D’brume, but I’m too much of a realist to believe that even the most angelic of bakeries can survive very long in hell.

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