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Kinetic Brewing Company, Lancaster

Lancaster, California. I know next to nothing about Lancaster, except that my father preceded me here about a dozen times over a ten year period. He never mentioned Kinetic.


I’m always on the hunt for local brew and a pub style meal; Kinetic fit the bill. I started with a pub classic, Scotch egg. I think Scotch egg could be the absolutely perfect drunk and/or hangover food. While I haven’t eaten too many Scotch eggs in my life, my gut says, while spicy, this one was good, just not outstanding. A few misgivings...there was this dark ring around the edge of the white on the egg that leads me to believe the sausage on the outside was cooked a little too long. Additionally, they used a hard-boiled egg, rather than a soft-boiled one. The use of a soft-boiled egg could have really elevated this dish. Truth is, with a hard-boiled egg, they could have fried the sausage separately in a form and placed the cut Scotch egg in it. I thought Scotch eggs were supposed to be served un-cut to show the expertise of the chef?

Alright, enough criticism, the egg was fine, just not great and yes I ate it all.

Burger and home-made chips. No critique of the burger or the chips, they were awesome. The burger patty was cooked medium-rare as requested. The brioche bun was oh so wonderful and stayed completely intact from the first bite until the last. Caramelized onions and cheese help keep everything moist and delicious. Absolutely wonderful burger.


The chips were also a cut above. Without exception, every chip was crisp. Every chip. Seasoned simply with salt, these chips were as good as the Hop Yard Ale House in Pleasanton I had a couple weeks back.

Good overall experience at Kinetic and the IPA is good too.

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