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Buckeye Roadhouse, Marin County

The Buckeye Roadhouse in Marin is an absolute institution. When I lived in The Richmond District of San Francisco, the Buckeye was on a short list a regular places to eat. It has probably been 8 years since I’ve eaten at The Buckeye and the restaurant didn’t miss a beat.

I ordered a classic, Liver and Onions, straightforward delicious. No frills, no twists on this American old-school staple, just in-your-face LIVER, onions, red wine reduction and mashed potatoes. Not rosemary mash, or garlic mash, just old fashioned mashed potatoes. There were no “greens” on the plate. No confusion. Just three medium-rare pieces of beef liver, covered in red-wine reduction and caramelized onions.


I’ve said this many a time in reviews, when a simple, but great meals hits me, I have a lack of words.

Albeit this is a short review for me and I haven't been to the restaurant in ages, but make no mistake this was a simple and tasty dish.

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