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Roberto's Cafe, Mammoth Lakes

Roberto’s Café, Mammoth. Carnitas Burrito with Special Sauce

I ordered the ubiquitous mega-burrito now served at every Mexican-American restaurant in California. I asked for the carnitas filled burrito, topped with special sauce and cheese. The burrito also had refried beans stuffed into the middle along with the carnitas.

I’d say my carnitas were a cross between honest to goodness refried carnitas and chile verde. Plenty of meat and not much fat, but not entirely crispy carnitas either. In the end, when you mixed the pork with the refried beans, it just tasted like generic quasi-chili verde “Mexican Pork”.


The “special sauce” was a red ranchero sauce, which basically kept the dish moist, but didn’t add much in terms of spicy heat. Nothing distinctive, but it didn’t detract from the burrito either.

I’ve been traveling to Mammoth for the better part of 15 years, nearly every summer and or winter. Roberto’s has tested the time in a tough town for restaurants. And there still isn’t a single taco truck in town. I guess I’ll continue to eat at Roberto’s...

...Unless of course I'm looking to party like a rock star, slam tequila, and check out the "scene" at Gomez's in the Village.

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