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Pie in the Sky Cafe, Rock Creek

I only had three choices at 2:30 in the afternoon, Chocolate Pecan, Rhubarb, and Banana Cream pie. All the other fruit pies were sold out. Pie in the Sky starts selling pies at 10:30 am until they sell out and they sell out every day. I chose Chocolate Pecan.

I love math, so let’s do some. Pie in the Sky is open from June to October selling roughly 30 Pies a day, 7 days a week all Summer Long. So, 150 days multiplied by 30 pies a day…4500 Pies a season! Wow!

I spoke with Sue briefly about business. They’ve curtailed breakfast to simply pancakes and bacon every day. Lunch is composed of some burgers with chips. Pies drive business at Pie in the Sky. The cheapest slice of pie is $7.50. The cheapest whole pie is $40. Sounds like business is good.

And the Chocolate Pecan pie tastes good too. The crust is flakey, the pie filling is sweetened nicely, and my pie was just slightly warmed. A generous dollop of cream is also applied to each slice of pie.

A wonderful reward after hiking up the 12,000 Mono Pass Trail, high atop the Eastern Sierra. Cell phones don’t work here and we’re all better for it.

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