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The Breakfast Club, Mammoth Lakes

Ready for a gut buster breakfast without having to wait in line with LA Hipsters visiting Mammoth?

Then look no further than the Breakfast Club at the first stop light in town and in the same un-cool parking lot as the Shell Gas Station. There are two more cool spots to go for breakfast, The Stove and Good Times Café. Base Camp Café is often frequented by climbers, but probably has a Hipster element because of the climbing aspect. When my dad worked Mammoth, he went to the Breakfast Club, so I’m assured it’s a Hipster Free Environment.

I went out for a brief trail run that morning before my long drive back to Fresno and I knew I wouldn’t have a proper lunch, so it was time to load the fuel tank with nothing other than Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs. I’ve had Chicken Fried Steak several times in recent memory; the gourmet version from Belvedere at The Padre Hotel in Bakersfield and wonderful representation at Tupelo in Santa Barbara.

The Breakfast Club version is more typical of The Eastern Sierra. Heavy on the sausage gravy and a biscuit the size of your head, but without the super-crunchy breading or premium cut of steak found at recent experiences in Bakersfield or Santa Barbara. The Breakfast Club brings Chicken Fried Steak back to its roots, a humble, rough cut of steak and plenty of gravy, for all the starch on the plate and all-day satisfaction till dinner time. Not to be overlooked, the hash browns were seasoned with more than just salt and were a wonderful addition to the plate, sopping up gravy and runny egg yolk.

I actually saved the biscuit for a 3:30 snack, along with some cold coffee I was holding on to in my Thermos for when I reached Highway 99 and my usual drop off in productivity.

I enjoy the Breakfast Club and I’m happy to return for breakfast.

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