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Fresno Food Truck Challenge: $4 Toast

Knowing a little something about Fresno, I doubt that $4 or $6 toast has a long-term home here in the Central Valley. And let's be clear, a $4 or $6 piece of toast in San Francisco is serious business, freshly ground flour, freshly made bread, artisanal cheese, etc. I've been fascinated with the number of articles written about the hipster, techy, $4 toast craze.

However, Fresno Food Trucks need a gimmic, a competition, a headline now and again and $4 Toast might be an interesting one.

The $4 Fresno Food Truck Toast Challenge should be held at Bella Frutta on a Saturday and the food trucks MUST pick an ingredient, at least one, from all the products Bella Frutta sells at the store to feature on their toast. I don't care if the toast is technically bruschetta and they use Enzo Olive Oil, bruschetta is just a fancy Italian word for toast with toppings anyway.

Or, the food trucks could make a version of their own Nutella, chocolate and hazelnut spread with Bella Frutta chocolate covered nuts. I'd personally like an almond based chocolate spread from the chocolate covered nuts regularly sold at Bella Frutta.

I'll add one more wrinkle, all the food trucks MUST use Max's Bread. This puts all the trucks on an equal footing. No "ringers" coming in to bake bread or sourcing from some sneaky source. At least this time.

But, if the truck wants to source cheese or produce from another local source other than Bella Frutta, be my guest. Each piece of toast must have a single ingredient from Bella Frutta, that's all.

So now we've got everything in place and everyone wins: 

  1. Local Food Trucks (the regular crowd at Bella Frutta)
  2. Local Bread (Max's)
  3. Local Fruit and Nut and Olive Oil Supplier (Bella Frutta)

Local, Local, Local, Organic, Organic, Organic. It's going to be nearly impossible to screw up this menu.


Maybe charge $2 for one piece of toast and $4 for two pieces of toast, instead of San Francisco prices.

Just your friendly, neighborhood Cured Ham throwing it out there representing the bored-to-death food bloggers in Fresno who escaped to Instagram in 2013. Really...we're tired of eating tri-tip and bread pudding...again and again.

What's the downside? Burnt toast?


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