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A Public Service Message from The Cured Ham

The Cured Ham is a Tree Hugger!

The Cured Ham loves Fresno Heat!

The Cured Ham is Cheap!

I thought of all these titles for shock value, but none of them are a complete truth. The Cured Ham appreciates saving energy, prefers dry heat (try spending time in Southern Italy in Summer), and is frugal, all might be more accurate but less interesting as headlines.

The real truth and real headline, The Cured Ham dries his clothes on a clothesline!

Talk about boring. No, next week I will not talk about watching paint dry.

Sometime after the fig leaf, humans probably strung up a line to dry the loin cloth. It really has been since just after World War II that American’s have been using a washer and dryer. Nowadays, we have all sorts of energy efficient ways to wash and dry things. However, nothing is more efficient or inexpensive (how about FREE) to dry clothes than the sun.

I know, there’s some downside to drying clothes in the sun. Crusty towels (one of my cousins reminded me of this)

But there are upsides to a clothesline…Zero Static Cling and Crusty Towels act as an Exfoliant Skin Treatment. That's right people, dry your clothes, save money on dryer sheets, and exfoliate all for one low price!

Growing up in Fresno during the 70’s, my mother dried our clothes on the line. Eventually, my parents purchased a dryer. When I moved away to San Francisco, drying my clothes in the Richmond District of San Francisco, 26th and California to be exact, was not conducive to drying anything. Living in the Outer Richmond if you didn’t dry your clothes fully in the dryer, it was more likely you would have grown a mold. For those that don’t know, the Outer Richmond is fairly cold, damp, and windy, as it’s near the ocean and Golden Gate Park. 

Upon my return to Fresno last year, I began to dry my clothes outside during summer. Call it a return to tradition. Call it experience. I lived in Europe, specifically Italy, a few years back, in addition to traveling a lot in various countries around the world, Morocco, Ecuador, New Zealand; where I could wash my clothes somewhere, but nearly always had to dry them outside. Even relatively wealthy families in Europe didn’t own a clothes dryer and certainly none of the places I stayed had one.

Of course, I can’t forget many a summer backpacking and climbing, washing my clothes in a creek and drying them on my tent or a tree stump. 

I hate 108 heat.

Nothing likes 108 degree heat

Except wet clothes…and my tomato plants. 

So give it a try, dry your clothes on the line this summer, because it's too late to plant tomatoes.

This concludes the Public Service Message from The Cured Ham.