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Guilty Pleasure, 31 Flavors Daiquiri Ice

I've loved Daiquiri Ice from Baskin & Robbins since I was a kid. I had a pretty bad milk allergy back then, so all I could eat were ices and granita. The Baskin and Robbins on Bullard and West was the spot to pick up this sweet and sour treat. 

I'm not really sure if the color of Daiquiri Ice occurs in nature, I don't care really. I just know I still love it.


Moo Creamery, Bakersfield

With a name like Moo Creamery, I expected good ice cream...and that's what I got.

Moo is trapped, I mean located off an Expressway in a mixed commercial and industrial space in Bakersfield. It's not in a strip mall, so just finding the right access road was a problem for me, a non-Bakersfield native. 

The space itself is modeled after a diner. Fenton's Creamery in Oakland is very similar in terms of look and feel, but also food; lots of American classics. It's a great place to have a kid's birthday, order a milkshake, or a double-stacked cone.

For the lone business traveler, they have free wi-fi and espresso.

I dropped in mid-day, so I was in the mood for a scoop of ice cream. Lots of specialties to choose from, lots of combinations of flavors. Call me boring, but the combination that spoke to me was the vanilla ice cream with Billings Marcona Toasted Almonds. 

I know, vanilla ice cream. Vanilla. Boring.

NO, you're wrong. Not boring.


Creamy vanilla ice cream with vanilla beans incorporated with crunchy and salty almonds makes this simple scoop of ice cream wonderful to me. I can't speak to all the other food they serve, but I'd go out of my way in Bako to eat ice cream at this place again.

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Lala's Creamery, Petaluma

I haven't been this excited about ice cream since I ate gelato every day in Florence, Italy. Coconut gelato is my go-to flavor. When I walked into Lala's and saw coconut ice cream on the menu, I was compelled to try it.

WOW! This ice cream is good, real good. No short scoops either. This cup is full of goodness. I really savored every bit of this ice cream and will make a special stop here on my trips back from San Francisco, it was that good.

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