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Guilty Pleasure, Campbell's Golden Mushroom 

A campground staple, condensed soup. But no ordinary soup, Golden Mushroom Soup and a guilty pleasure of mine. And yes, I murdered a tomato on that cutting board, its seeds and juice were everywhere.

It has a variety of uses, not just in the backcountry, but in everyday households.

Wanna spice up boring old potatoes gratin? Pour in a can of Golden Mushroom Soup! Beef Pan drippings got you down? Don't fret, pour in a can of Golden Mushroom Soup and your guests will swear your gravy was homemade and perfect with those mashed potatoes.

Doctor says you have high blood pressure? Nothing to worry about, use Golden Mushroom soup, it now has "less sodium". Less meaning a quarter of your allowance for the day.

I'm also a fan of Golden Mushroom's cousin, Cream of Mushroom.